Dramatically and professionally create stunning flash flipbook from PDF, Office, PPT, Images, DjVu and so on!

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Flash Magazine Software

Convert PDF to Flash with flipbook creator!

Want to make your mobile phone becomes different? You can choose a fabulous flipbook creator. Once you import the PDF to the software you will get an unique you can make flipping book When others are reading the digital ebook on their mobile phone or other mobile divices, they would always use the next button on the devices, but now with Flash Magazine Software you can use fingers to drag pages on the screen directly. Which is a very different expirience on digital book reading.

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  • Why Us?

In the Past years, smart phone becomes popular, and the popular mobile system is Symbian. While these years, Android from Google becomes more and more popular which becomes the only system that can compaired with Apple. Also with the development of mobile phone system, the screen of mobiles become more and more big and clear. The touch screen seems to be in a unshakable position. So people has more requirement to the software for mobile phones including book reader. Well, the Flash Magazine Software meets your need. It is not a software directly for mobile phones, but it can make ebook becomes flipping book that can be viewed on mobile phone. And the flipping book not only for mobiles, it also can be viewed on PC and DVD.



Main Features:


  • Android mobile phone supported the ebooks from flipbook creator;
  • Page-flipping reading mode;
  • Insert background music to the animated flip eBook;
  • Insert links to the flipbook;
  • Customize the flipbook with buttons on tool bar;
  • Upload for publish the book to others;
  • Free to share via email and hot medium.

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