Dramatically and professionally create stunning flash flipbook from PDF, Office, PPT, Images, DjVu and so on!

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Flip Book Maker for Word

Flip Book Maker for Word, which is a professional flipbook creator, can publish automated page flipping book from Microsoft Word documents (*.doc, *.docx). Microsoft Word documents including Word 2002, 2003, 2007 & 2010 are applicable.
  • Fast convert MS Word documents to stunning flipping book;
  • Multi-language option, different template selection;
  • Powerful custom settings to control your page flip publication;
  • Flexible output version: HTML, Zip, Exe, Mobile version and burn to CD;
  • Quick sharing via E-mail, Facebook, Google…;
  • Google Analytics Integration tracks the statistics related to your page flip publication.
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Flash Player 10.0+

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Create automated page flipping book



Flip Book Maker for Word is specially designed for Microsoft Word documents. This word to flash flipbook converter can turn the MS Word documents into electronic page turn book with 3D virtual flipping effect. With the help of this flipbook creator, you can make your MS Word files more attractive. And what’s more, Word 2002, 2003, 2007 and 2010 are all applicable to this software.




Different templates and beautiful themes


Different templates, different styles; different themes, different feelings. Flip Book Maker for Word provides 3 different kinds of build-in templates: Classic, Float and Spread. And each template contains different themes. You can choose any of them to make your flipping book more outstanding.



Make your own flipbookflip_book_maker_for_word_custom_settings


In order to make sure that your Word documents is unique, Flip Book Maker for Word enables you to customize your realistic page flip publication with different settings. You can choose your favorite background, template, music, watermark, button style, colors… you can make your bookmark, set book proportion. Besides you can define the language for your flipping book or use two or more kinds to make languages switchable.


Permission settings



If you don't want others to download or print your page flip publication, you can set printing and downloading limitation/permission and even access authorization by adding password encryption.




Flexible output formatsflip_book_maker_for_word_optional_formats


Flip Book Maker for Word enables you to output different flipbook formats for your convenient use:

  • 1. HTML makes it possible to be viewed online;
  • 2. Zip and Exe make it easily to be stored and sent;
  • 3. Mobile versions can run on your iPad, iPhone, Android mobile phones…;
  • 4. Burning to CDs allows you to store eBooks in CD, DVD and then play on computer.
  • Available to portable and tablet devices


    In order to make it more convenient and easier for our customers, we are trying to make it possible to run on portable devices, and finally, we made it. Now, you can view your flip book not only on a computer, but also on your iPad, iPhone, Android mobile phones.



    Share your publication with others



    Flip Book Maker for Word is so user-friendly and considerate that your readers can share your publication with their families and friends very easily. All they have to do is just to click the "Share" button, and your amazing creation will be shared among different communities via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Digg and other social networks.


    Tracking of Google Analytics


    The Google Analytics Integration is another powerful function of Flip Book Maker for Word. With this integration, you can track the statistics of your publication. Thus you can have a clear idea of how the pages are performing, and then you can optimize your strategy.



    One-off payment, no more subscription cost



    We do not charge any subscription fee or conversion fee, once you purchase our product, you can use it forever, and you can convert as many Word documents as you like.


    Free upgrade anytime

    flip_book_maker_for_word_free_upgradeTime is progressing, so is our product. We are dedicated to upgrade our products so as to satisfy our customers, once you have purchased our product, you don’t need to pay for the upgrading for the later version.





    30 Day refund guarantee



    We do not promise that we sell our product at the lowest price, but that we offer high quality products and considerate after-sale service. If unfortunately, you are not satisfied with our products, you can get a full refund within 30 days after purchase. You can contact us by emailing to: support@flip-book-maker.com.


    Software Features:

    Quick Import with Easy Steps:

  • 1. Convert MS Word documents to flash based flip books;
  • 2. Open Word file before importing if you are not sure the file is the one you want to convert;
  • 3. Choose to import all pages or custom range pages;
  • 4. Add watermark(s)/logos and dynamic date/ time to the flipping pages;
  • 5. 5 types of page quality for different book size to output;
  • 6. Import bookmark to guide the readers;
  • 7. Import internal link (page link) and external links (web link, e-mail link…);
  • 8. Enable search function to search the imported text content;
  • 9. Detect wide page to view landscape pages spread on two portrait pages area.
  • Flexible Output Options:

  • 1. HTML makes it possible to be viewed online, with setting title, keywords and description for SEO purpose;
  • 2. Zip and Exe make it easily to be stored and sent;
  • 3. Mobile versions can run on your iPad, iPhone, Android mobile phones
  • 4. Burning to CD allows it to play on computer with defining title and automatically play mode.
  • Well-designed Templates and Themes:

  • 1. 3 build-in templates: Classic, Float and Spread;
  • 2. Each template contains different pre-designed themes;
  • 3. You can download more themes online;
  • 4. Choose your favorite background image;
  • 5. Font setting for flash, bookmark, buttons…;
  • 6. Choose the Minime style that hides the toolbar;
  • 7. Color setting for background, font, buttons, icons;
  • 8 .Edit book proportion and margin;
  • 9. Insert page number and start page number;
  • 10. Page shadow setting, left-to-right or right-to-left reading;
  • 11. Choose a hard cover for the eBook;
  • 12 .Show flipping effect at the corners when the mouse moves over;
  • 13. Save the template settings for later use.
  • Permission &control settings:

  • 1. Show or hide the toolbar or other buttons (home, full screen, help, share, social share…);
  • 2. Set permission for printing, downloading, (social) sharing;
  • 3. Access authorization to protect all pages or certain page(s) from being viewed;
  • 4. Self or blank open window for home page and links;
  • 5. Define the language for your page flip publication or use two or more kinds to make languages switchable;
  • 6 .Add background music and set looping time;
  • 7. Zoom in & zoom out button makes it better to view the flip book;
  • 8. Auto play setting allows it to play as soon as you open the flash flipping book;
  • 9. Add Google Analytics Integration to track the statistics;
  • 10. Help button allows you to add Help image or Flash to guide the readers.
  • Flipping Book Features:

  • 1. Present the Word documents with 3D virtual flipping effect;
  • 2. Turn a page by clicking the page shadow;
  • 3. Turn a page by dragging the corners;
  • 4. Turn a page by sliding the mouse wheel;
  • 5. Turn a page by clicking the "First/Last, Previous/Next Page" buttons;
  • 6. Turn a page by using keyboard arrow buttons;
  • 7. Turn to a certain page by entering the page number;
  • 8. Open book in hard cover, or view from right to left;
  • 9. View the flip book automatically with auto play;
  • 10. Turn on/off the background music;
  • 11. Read the flip book in full screen;
  • 12. Zoom in and zoom out to get a better view;
  • 13. Download and print out the animated flip book;
  • 14. Share the page flip publication with others via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter…;
  • 15. Read the page flip publication with portable devices like iPad, iPhone, Android phones….