Dramatically and professionally create stunning flash flipbook from PDF, Office, PPT, Images, DjVu and so on!

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Flip Book Maker for PCL

Flip Book Maker for PCL is professional flipbook converter that can create virtual 3D eBook with realistic book-like interface from PCL files. This software will surely make the static PCL files more attractive and lively because of the amazing virtual effect. And you can publish the animated flip edition in different formats.
  • Turn PCL files into interactive electronic publication;
  • Various beautiful templates;
  • Powerful custom settings;
  • Optional output formats: HTML, Zip, Exe, mobile versions and burn to CD;
  • Available to portable devices like iPad, iPhone, Android Mobile Phones…;
  • Google Analytics Integration;
  • Easy share with families and friends via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter….
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Flash Player 10.0+

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Create life-like digital flip book in optional formats


Flip book Maker for PCL can easily and quickly turn PCL4, PCL5e, PCL5c, PCL XL (PCL6) files flip_book_maker_for_pcl_output_formatsinto stunning digital flipping books, catalogs, magazines, brochures, booklets. And you can have them in different output formats: HTML, Zip, Exe, mobile versions and burn to CD.

  • 1. HTML makes it possible to be viewed online;
  • 2. Zip and Exe make it easily to be stored and sent;
  • 3. Mobile versions can run on your iPad, iPhone, Android mobile phones…;
  • 4. Burning to CDs allows you to store eBooks in CD, DVD and then play on computer.

  • Available to portable devices


    Once you publish the interactive electronic publication, you can view them on not only PCs, but also on portable devices (iPad, iPhone, Android mobile phones…) via browsers.




    Various beautiful templatesflip_book_maker_for_pcl_templates


    Only having an animated flip eBook is not attractive enough, but with a beautiful template would make it perfect. Flip Book Maker for PCL provides you with different built-in templates. With these beautiful templates, you can not only make the 3D flash page turning e-book more eye-catching, but also save time. And in order to meet your increasing needs, we are trying to update the existing templates.


    Customize your own eBook with personalized settings



    One of the most outstanding advantages of Flip Book Maker for PCL is to allow you to customize your virtual 3D eBook in your favorite style. With the powerful custom settings provided, this flipbook converter enables you to add background image, music and bookmark; define logo, book title, author, website, e-mail and book info; show/hide tool buttons and icons; select a language for the realistic page flipping book….

    Google Analytics Integration



    The Google Analytics Integration is another powerful function of Flip Book Maker for PCL. With this integration, you can track the statistics of your digital online publication. Thus you can have a clear idea of how the pages are performing, and then you can optimize your strategy.


    Share the interactive electronic publication with others quicklyflip_book_maker_for_pcl_share



    Well, since you have created such virtual publication, your readers will surely like it. And they can't help to share with their families and friends. an amazing Flip Book Maker for PCL has made it very easy, they just have to click the "Share" button, and then they can share your great creation with others via e-mail, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Digg and other social networks.


    One-off payment, no more subscription cost


    We do not charge any subscription fee or conversion fee, once you purchase our product, you can use it forever, and you can convert as many PCL files as you like.




    Free upgrade anytime


    Time is progressing, so is our product. We are dedicated to upgrade our products so as to satisfy our customers, once you have purchased our product, you don’t need to pay for the upgrading for the later version.

    30 Day refund guarantee



    We do not promise that we sell our product at the lowest price, but that we offer high quality products and considerate after-sale service. If unfortunately, you are not satisfied with our products, you can get a full refund within 30 days after purchase. You can contact us by emailing to: support@flip-book-maker.com.


    Software Features:

    Quick import and easy output:

    • 1.Convert PCL files into Adobe Flash based virtual flipping books;
    • 2.Click button to import the PCL file you need to convert;
    • 3.Output the interactive electronic publication with easy steps:
    • ---(1)Select output format: HTML, Zip, Exe, Mobile versions or burn to CD;
    • ---(2)Select output folder on your computer;
    • ---(3)Define the file name for the eBook;
    • ---(4)Define HTML title or advanced settings with keywords and description.


    Custom settings:

  • 1. Choose a template for the life-like digital flip book;
  • 2. Save template for later use;
  • 3. Import template from your computer;
  • 4. Add Google Analytics ID;
  • 5. Enable or disable auto play;
  • 6. Add background image or choose pure color background or gradient color background;
  • 7. Insert background music to the animated flip eBook;
  • 8. Insert links to the flipbook;
  • 9. Add bookmark for the flipbook;
  • 10. Define the page thickness;
  • 11. Define book info such as author, website, e-mail and info;
  • 12. Choose a language for the eBook;
  • 13. Customize language settings;
  • 14. Embed logo to the interactive 3D eBook;
  • 15. Choose base color for the tool bar;
  • 16. Show or hide tool buttons like zoom, auto play, thumbnail, print…;
  • 17. Help button allows you to add Help image or Flash to guide the readers.
  • Interactive electronic publication Features:

  • 1. Display in amazing virtual effect;
  • 2. Turn a page by dragging the corners;
  • 3. Turn a page by clicking the "First/Last, Previous/Next Page" buttons;
  • 4. Turn a page with keyboard arrow buttons
  • 5. Turn to a certain page by entering the page number;
  • 6. Open book in hard cover, or view from right to left;
  • 7. View the flip book automatically with auto play;
  • 8. Turn on/off the background music;
  • 9. Read the flip book in full screen;
  • 10. Zoom in and zoom out to get a better view;
  • 11. Double-click to zoom in/out;
  • 12. Use bookmark to search the content you want;
  • 13. Print out the whole eBook or custom range pages to view on paper;
  • 14. Share the flipping book with others via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter…;
  • 15. Read the flipping book with portable devices like iPad, iPhone, Android phones…;
  • 16. Use help button to get information of this software.