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When it comes to your Free FlipBook Creator conversion and other related services then trust no one other than PUB HTML5. They have more than a year’s experience in the field of page flipping options and 3D effects. It has a host of services and professional back-ups to offer to you, depending on your need and purposes. Whether you are looking for special features with which you can personalize your flipbook or a professional converter with which you can convert various files into flipbooks, Free FlipBook Creator hassolutions for all your professional, personal and commercial needs. The growing demands in the market and the growing expectations of consumers and users have made PUB HTML5 come up with unique and path-breaking technologies and solutions.


This Free FlipBook Creator is cost-effective with its functions. One of the users said, it was easy to handle without learning any complex program. If you would like to know more about the 3D technology and the relative html5 page flip book software, you can visit PUB HTML5’s home page!

Secondly, they create two columns on their website for answering questions from customers. One is FAQs and the other is PowerPoint Tutorial. Questions like “How to upload your 3D eBook online with ease” or “How to use shortcut key to quickly design and use 3D eBook” are read by many people and they have offered great help for those online business organizations! PUB HTML5 has collected lots of practical questions from their users and they welcome any suggestions or problems. Lori, who comes from the customer department, said:”voices come from customers are so important to us, it is our source of progress.”

The font function in Free FlipBook Creator was liked by the users once it had been released. At the same time, the CEO of 3DPageFlip said that they still had long way to run, they had creative plan to perfect the font function and wanted to make it with 3D vision. 3D vision of the flipbook software, is the main feature that they keep pursuing.

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