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Where is my “full screen” button?

Q:Based on your online description, I know there is a full screen function. But you know what I can see no full screen button. What’s going on?

A: If you are a movie fan, you may know watch a movie with full screen is really awesome than a small show window. So, reading a book with full screen is same to watch a movie like that, we need find a good sight and the most relax way to read and watch. Anyway, in order that you can enjoy your full screen reading, please follow my steps to work it out.


Steps 1: first you need to check the situation of “full screen” button, “show” or “hide”. If the default one is “hide”, of course you can’t find it on the bar line
Step2:then select “show”, it will show in the Bar line.


Step3: do not forget to click “Apply Change” to save your changes.

When you are converting the file into flipping book, you will find out the full screen doesn’t work in the flip book maker. Please do not worry about this matter. After you finishing converting the file into one kind of format such as html, it will work smoothly.



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